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We operate on either an hourly rate - see packages below - or offer tailor made arrangements.

With the ability to dip in and out as you need, you can enjoy the freedom of full flexibility. All packages are bespoke and so prices reflects each individual client's needs. 

No membership fees, and the ability to use your hours as and when you need, it is quite simply our relationship, on your terms, dictated entirely by your to-do list.

Please get in touch for more information.



Pay for a Personal Assistant by the hour (split in to units of 15 minutes) 
Use the time as and when you need or want it.


1-9 hours 


10-19 hours 


20+ hours

Bespoke packages including, but not limited to- childcare, pet care, home help, events and administration are all available.


Staff Invoicing Service

Rather than you having to pay all of your domestic bills separately (and what seems constantly!), we can take care of it for you. Providing you with a monthly or weekly invoice to cover all of your household staff and domestic costs- no more worrying if you have cash to pay the babysitter or which day the pool payment is due - just one invoice to cover. Taking the stress out of billing and giving you more time back.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Freya Rose for anything you may need. Her attention to detail when organising my Hen Weekend was exceptional. She created a elegant yet wildly fun weekend tailored perfectly to the bride and guests. 
She was calm and organised, thinking of every detail and anticipating issues before they could become a reality. 
She thrives in a challenge yet maintains an air of calm that is perfect for any special occasion. Her consistent thoughtfulness, kindness and hard work make her the perfect choice for any challenge. 
Your only regret will be that you didn’t use Freya Rose Lifestyle sooner!

Dr J Bell